Buy a Business

Some clients come to us knowing they want to buy a business but having little to no idea of what they are looking for.  We take them through a process of discovery to help narrow their thinking and our focus.

All of our active clients then have “front of the line” service when new opportunities come along.  Before we reach out to our expansive network of referrers and before we launch a broader campaign to introduce opportunities, we present the strong matches to our active client list.

As a Catchfire client, you get first looks!

A number of clients come to us with a very clear idea of what they are looking to buy.  Perhaps its an existing business looking to expand its capacity, perhaps its someone with extensive experience in an industry and is looking to fill a specific niche.

Whatever the reason, these clients often, and for various reasons, have trouble finding the right fit.  Recently, we launched a premium service for buyers with targets, whereby we provide very focussed searches – locally, nationally, internationally.

In every case, we work with our clients until a deal is done and closes.  We are part of the process from the beginning through Closing Day.


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