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Looking to invest?

At Catchfire we understand that real money requires real management. While every investment comes with a certain amount of risk, we support growing companies with board-level oversight and guidance. So you can rest a bit easier, knowing an experienced team of experts is safeguarding your investment.

We also boast an extensive professional network across Canada and beyond, and we’re always looking for innovative new partnerships and financing arrangements. Our non-traditional approach means we bring you deals that others can’t (or won’t).


Looking for investors?

Our team of seasoned financiers and uses our extensive network and direct experience to help connect growing businesses with suitable investors.  We can help you structure your deal, find the money, and secure a Term Sheet.  If you’re looking to expand, consolidate or restructure, we can help.

Tremendous Growth Opportunity

Businesses Seeking Investment

Seeking $1M in financing to support growth

Manitoba company within the construction industry is experiencing high-growth with compound aggregate growth revenue (CAGR) of 30%.



Seeking $3M investment

For an established, world-renowned entertainment company looking to grow to the next level. Numerous awards and recognition for their work in Europe, Canada, and USA.



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