Sell a Business

Thinking about selling your business?

Catchfire’s team of executives has extensive experience with buy/sell and  mergers and acquisitions and boasts a broad network in Canada and internationally. We know what it takes to attract buyers – and we can help you get there.

We use three tiers of marketing.  First, we promote directly to active buyers that we know.  Second, we access our broad professional referral network that spans the globe. Third, we use targeted social media campaigns.  In every case, sellers remain anonymous until the Catchfire team has vetted and pre-qualified candidates, we have executed NDA’s, and the seller green-lights the release of its name.

Recently, we launched a premium service for sellers.  This service allows us to develop a researched sales presentation, complete with company and industry analytics and to update the client’s web-site, and to keep both products current throughout the sales process.

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